Campaigns round-up: Spring 2014

The latest news, efforts and success stories from the world of campaigning

SUCCESS: Coca-Cola announces zero tolerance policy for land grabs
After pressure from Oxfam and 225,000 signatories, Coca-Cola has made a commitment to ensuring the sugar it buys is not produced on land ‘grabbed’ from the world’s poorest communities. The company has committed to ensure land will not be bought or rented without “free, prior and informed consent” of the people that live and farm there. It is hoped this should ensure a fairer deal for local communities.
Get involved: Join Oxfam’s ‘Grow’ campaign to help fix the global food system.

SUCCESS: People power beats Paddy Power
After just four days, 125,000 people signed a petition to stop Paddy Power offering bets on the fate of Oscar Pistorius, currently on trial for the premeditated murder of his partner Reeva Steenkamp. Critics branded Paddy Power’s advertisements, which read “It’s Oscar Time. Money Back if he Walks,” as offensive and disrespectful to women who die as a result of male violence. The advert became the most complained about ever, with more than 5,000 complaints. The Advertising Standards Authority pulled the advert from all national media and launched an investigation.

SUCCESS: LGBT group welcomes marriage equality ruling in Oklahoma
A federal judge in Oklahoma has ruled that the state’s constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage violates the US constitution. The ruling comes hot on the heels of news that both the New Mexico Supreme Court and a federal district judge in Utah have ruled in favour of marriage for gay and lesbian couples.
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TAKE ACTION: Stop the slaughter of dolphins in Peru
Fishermen in Peru are allegedly slaughtering up to 15,000 dolphins a year to use as bait for catching endangered sharks, marking the largest illegal dolphin hunt in the world, campaigners say. While such practices are punishable by the legal system, many authorities in the country turn a blind eye, according to groups including UK-based Ecostorm.
As tourism is Peru’s third largest industry, it is hoped that global pressure will encourage the Peruvian government to take action.
Get involved: Sign this petition to have anti-slaughter advertisements placed in tourism magazines in a bid to capture the attention of the Peruvian government.

SUCCESS: Snowdonia slate quarrying plan suspended
Plans to excavate 160,000 tonnes of slate from a tip in Snowdonia over eight years have been dropped after campaigners claimed it would negatively impact local wildlife, air quality and quality of life for residents. Councillors considering the matter decided there was already plenty of material available.
Get involved: Learn more about Snowdonia National Park.

TAKE ACTION: Eradicate criminal trafficking rings in Egypt
Thousands of east Africans have been kidnapped and tortured by criminal gangs demanding large ransoms from their victims’ families – sums too large for many to afford. As much of this activity takes place in Egypt’s Sinai, a famed tourist destination known as the Red Sea Riviera, it is hoped that international attention will encourage Egypt’s leaders to take decisive action against those responsible for these crimes.
Get involved: Sign a petition that calls on Egypt’s authorities to dismantle these criminal gangs.