Remembering the value of the Earth

Editorial: In order not just to survive but to thrive on every level, we must give the highest value to our home, the Earth

Many of us instinctively know the true value of nature. It’s not necessarily something we quantify, but we know it in our hearts. Nature is a part of us, and us a part of it. The same life force that animates us, animates the natural world in which we live, love and thrive. In every moment we can appreciate the gifts that nature provides – their true value, in reality is not “hidden” at all.

But economics is the language of politics and business, which in recent decades have failed nature. So to recognise the value of what nature gifts to us in economic terms, as the UK NEA report suggests, gives society an opportunity to relate to the Earth in a way that is mutually enhancing and less destructive. We can serve nature, as it serves us. Our special feature, Ten reasons green people are happier, proposes that this is a sure route to greater wellbeing.

And now Bolivia is giving legal rights to the natural world. This initiative is based on a timeless knowing that we are not separate from the land that gives us the food, air, water and experiences that nourish us. What we are seeing, are the seeds of a global effort to rescue ourselves from our separation from nature – which is arguably at the root of many problems of the modern world, from depression to climate change. We are coming full circle to that ancient and instinctive understanding, that in order not just to survive but to thrive on every level, we must give the highest value to our home, the Earth.

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