Active hope for the new economy

Editorial: The summer edition of Positive News shows how a ‘new economy’ is beginning to emerge

One of our founder Shauna’s favourite pieces of writing was from A Sleep of Prisoners by English playwright Christopher Fry: “The frozen misery of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move; the thunder is the thunder of the floes, the thaw, the flood, the upstart Spring. Thank God our time is now when wrong comes up to face us everywhere, never to leave us till we take the longest stride of soul we ever took. Affairs are now soul size.”

Our media continually inundates us with information and indeed, “wrong comes up to face us everywhere.” But in seeing this, we have the opportunity to take that “stride of soul” to change our world. In creating Positive News, Shauna sought to empower us to do just that.

“Our time is now” as the global economy continues to teeter on the edge. Many of the articles in the summer print edition of Positive News show how a ‘new economy’ is beginning to emerge.

Common to the Hub network featured on page 6 and the social enterprise restaurants on pages 14-15, and even the travel website Tripbod tested out on page 17 for example, is an effort to serve and strengthen our local and global communities, which include the Earth itself. Beneath this is a recognition that the prosperity of each of us ultimately depends upon the wellbeing of all.

In the shift to a new economy we can find a collective sense of purpose like there has never been before in history. As the title of a book in this issue’s review section puts it, this is the “active hope” that we can now embrace.

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