Notes from the road: Lottie Gross

Web editor at, Lottie Gross, offers her top tips for positive travel


1. Peppermint tea
Taking a reusable bottle is a must. But in a hot climate water can end up warm and unappealing by the end of the day. Pack a few peppermint teabags to keep tepid water tasting fresh on the go.

2. Public transport
It’s cheaper, better for the environment and a great way to meet locals. Night buses and trains can substitute a night in accommodation, saving you money. And if you travel by day, there’s no better way to see the changing landscapes.

3. Say yes more
An open mind is your best companion. Whether it’s accepting an invitation to tea, engaging in conversation with strangers or simply trying a new type of food, crank up your positive attitude to make your adventures more memorable.

4. Packing
Lay out what you think you’ll need before packing it away, then halve it. Packing light means freedom – it’s easier to carry your bag and allows room for any souvenirs. In most cases, you’ll be able to pick up whatever you’re missing while on the road.

Photo: Michael Pardo