Five ways to share in Brighton

See bohemian Brighton through the eyes of a local with these cheap – and often free – social sharing ideas, part of an ongoing series aiming to help people travel sustainably and connect with communities

Bohemian Brighton on England’s south coast is known for its friendly, easygoing attitude. Locals, and those passing through, mingle together to enjoy one of the UK’s most active sustainable living hotspots. What’s on offer for fans of sharing and sustainable living? Here’s a snapshot.

1. Sharing foodie fun:

For the same price as a meal at a decent restaurant, you can take a chance on a food adventure and dine with cooks and potential new friends at pop-up venues around the city and its suburbs. From a Turkish feast in a beautiful plant nursery to exquisite vegetarian nibbles shared with published crime authors at a regency town house in Hove for £25… something new awaits.

2. Sharing wheels and homes:
Fancy getting a ride with a local (often cheaper than the train) to the pretty neighbouring towns of Hastings or Eastbourne? Or want to stay at the home of a local overlooking a scenic expanse of wild sea? aggregates home sharing sites – from castles and lighthouses to simple flats – as well as ride-sharing options. See what’s available for your style, price range and dates.

3. Sharing time with like-minds:
Want to find new friends to try out the latest beachfront bar? Or how about finding someone who will take you on a running tour of Brighton’s secret treasures?’s Brighton pages list informal free groups for everything from meditation to gig buddies.

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4. Share clothes: Rags Revival
Swap up to 10 items of good quality clothes with other people’s vintage wares at these sporadic Rags Revival sustainability events around the city. Find out when the next event is taking place at

5. Share bikes:
Cycling down Brighton’s seafront – all the way from Marocco’s ice cream shop past the stunning chalky white cliffs to Rudyard Kipling’s gardens in Rottingdean – is a treat for any Brightonian or visitor. Spinlister features locals who will rent you their bike for the journey, from a few pounds for a good quality mountain bike or folding bike to around £17 for a vintage racer.

This list was compiled by Claudia Cahalane, editor of Compare and Share City Guides. For the full Brighton guide and others, see