Event in Scotland to explore the evolution of consciousness

An event exploring the evolution of human consciousness and its impact on our world, will take place at the Universal Hall, Findhorn, in northern Scotland on 7-10 April 2012

With the world facing social and environmental challenges, a change of consciousness and a shift in perspective away from rationalist and materialist values is needed, say organisers.

Open to people of all faiths and outlooks, the event is titled Into Christ Consciousness. The organisers explain that the term ‘Christ consciousness’ is synonymous with ‘unity consciousness’ and relates to a way of being that is marked by creativity, cooperation and compassion. While Jesus embodied Christ consciousness, say the organisers, the concept is not the preserve of any single figure or religious tradition.

“The worldwide movement of expanding consciousness is bringing us all to an awareness of the interconnectedness of all life and of our human responsibility for caring for all life forms,” said Janice Dolley, Findhorn Foundation trustee and co-convener of the event. “Throughout the ages the world’s spiritual traditions have pointed the way to a greater and inclusive reality and quantum scientists are now talking the same language. The part that each of us is being asked to play on behalf of the whole will be explored during the Into Christ Consciousness gathering.”

Gillian Paschkes-Bell, also a co-convener of the gathering, who is an interfaith minister and trained in Christian theology, said: “Another reason for focusing on Christ consciousness is to face the shadow-sides of the Christian tradition. I mean the sectarian and separatist movements that have arisen under its banner. And those out-of-touch elements of church practice that have failed to provide a fertile ground for genuine spiritual seeking. It’s time to release our ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ fundamentalisms from any tradition.”

She added, “We live in extraordinary times that call us to transform how we think, act and relate in the world. The breaking down of the old summons the breaking forth of the new, and awaits our willingness to transcend the divisions created by the human mind, beyond the polarity of male and female, spirit and matter, dark and light. The Into Christ Consciousness gathering draws together different streams of experience to rebuild our relationship with the wholeness of Earth and to generate positive, compassionate and creative change.”

The event forms part of The Findhorn Foundation community’s 50th birthday programme and is supported by Christians Awakening to a New Awareness (CANA), the Wrekin Trust, Contemplative Fire and Friends of Iona.