Watch inspirational documentaries for free

More than 900 films aimed at inspiring change, which can be watched online for free, have been catalogued by the website Films for Action

The founders of Films for Action – a website is dedicated solely to showcasing independent documentary films – believe that an informed population is the first step to creating a better world and that film provides a powerful tool in raising awareness about issues often missed by the mainstream media.

The collection provides a mix of films that highlight current injustices and those that suggest solutions, covering issues such as the global economic system, peak oil, and building sustainable communities and food systems. The film FLOW, for example, brings to light the negative impacts of water privatisation around the world, while The Power of Community investigates how Cuba created resilient communities to survive oil shortages.

Films for Action encourages viewers to share films with friends and family, to host film screenings and to bring the films to the attention of political leaders. “Get this information out into your community and you will be laying the foundation for a local movement for mass societal, environmental and economic change,” says Films for Action.

Read it and don’t weep.

Headlines about what’s going right in the world are now being shared with millions of people through digital screens on high streets and in shopping centres all around the UK.