Image for Royal Albert Hall to host ‘calming and nourishing’ meditative prom

Royal Albert Hall to host ‘calming and nourishing’ meditative prom

The event will feature music by composers such as J. S. Bach and Schubert

The event will feature music by composers such as J. S. Bach and Schubert

A late-night meditative prom is planned for the Royal Albert Hall in London as part of this summer’s BBC Proms. “Radiant choral sounds and heavenly strings” will help transform the concert hall that was opened by Queen Victoria in 1871 into a “vast ambient resonator”, say organisers.

The team is even considering staging the concert in the dark, to help people better immerse themselves in meditative, mindful music. The event on 13 August will feature short pieces of music to “calm the mind and nourish the soul,” including works by J. S. Bach and Schubert.

Image: Vienna Reyes

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