Hope and Strength: resilience in disaster zones – in photos

Leading photographers have joined forces with disaster relief charity ShelterBox to produce Hope and Strength. They say the photo series is a tribute to the incredible strength of families living through devastation in disaster zones across the world

Photographers Olly Burn, Tom Stoddart, Veronique de Viguerie and Dougie Wallace travelled around the world to take photos of people who are living in disaster zones.

“In circumstances often defined by violence and tragedy, these families show courage, determination and resilience,” say the photographers. “The photographs capture the incredible power that people possess to carry on and be hopeful.”

Somaliland, photographed by Olly Burn

Olly Burn travelled to the self-declared state of Somaliland, where the most severe drought in decades has affected around 766,000 people.

Nimo, 35, sits outside of her home as her youngest, Sahra, hides playfully behind her. Image: Olly Burn


Muna, pictured, lives with her six brothers and sisters in a shelter made out of dozens of pieces of material crafted together over the years. It protects them from the severe weather conditions that they face every day. Image: Olly Burn


Thirteen-year-old Rahma uses the ShelterBox solar lights to study in the evening when it gets dark. Her favourite subject is English. Image: Olly Burn


Burns says: “It was the incredible character, warmth and resilience of the people in Somaliland that made the essence of Hope and Strength almost impossible not to capture”. Image: Olly Burn

Bangladesh, photographed by Tom Stoddart

Tom Stoddart travelled to Cox’s Bazar, a city in Bangladesh where violence in Myanmar has forced more than 655,000 Rohingya Muslims to flee, with more arriving each day.

Supia Katun was carried by relatives for three days over the border between Myanmar and Bangladesh to escape the violence which erupted in August 2017. Image: Tom Stoddart


Rohingya children slide down a dusty hill on plastic water carriers in Kutupalong refugee camp, home to more than 700,000 Rohingya Muslims. Image: Tom Stoddart

Bangladesh, photographed by Veronique de Viguerie

Veronique de Viguerie also travelled to Bangladesh, where violence in Myanmar has forced over half a million Rohingya people to flee, with more arriving each day.

A three-hour-old baby, born in Kutupalong refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, a city in Bangladesh. His mother was heavily pregnant when she walked for three days to reach the Bangladesh border, not knowing if her child would survive. Image: Veronique de Viguerie


Ali Hussein and his wife, Shomi Nara, had only been married for 10 days when photographer de Viguerie met them in the camp. They had a small party and rented a radio to play some music. Image: Veronique de Viguerie

The Caribbean, photographed by Dougie Wallace

Dougie Wallace travelled to the Caribbean where, in early September 2017, a Category 5 Hurricane named Irma caused devastation. Less than two weeks later, Hurricane Maria made landfall, bringing with it a new wave of destruction across the islands.

A man known as ‘Uncle Wendell’ hammers tent pegs into the sand, next to the spot where his home and business used to be. Image: Dougie Wallace


Kalisha and Daniel, and their sons Danzekiel and Caledon stand outside their ShelterBox tent. Image: Dougie Wallace


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