Arts review: winter 2014

Amy Smith rounds up the best art exhibitions to see this season

Manuel Chavajay and Rebecca Wilcox: This Might Be a Place for Hummingbirds

Despite 8,000km stretching between Guatemala and Scotland, two artists will both consider the similarities between their hometown communities. Manuel Chavajay paints indigenous memories on shops in San Pedro de Laguna using the original Mayan language of Tz’utujil. Both Chavajay and Glasgow’s Rebecca Wilcox will create newly commissioned pieces on translating issues in both countries and locating the space where language, experience and violence coalesce.

CCA, Glasgow until 18 January
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Love is enough

By William Morris

Love is Enough

Artist Jeremy Deller turns curator to unite mammoths of the art world: the mythic decorative beauty of William Morris and the bright surface sheen of Andy Warhol. Deller spent two weeks with Warhol at the Factory in 1986 and his recent Biennale show paid homage to Morris’ socialist politics, depicting the Victorian artist hurling an Abramovich yacht (this piece can be seen at Turner Contemporary until 11 January). Both artists were committed to collaborations and their work, expansive networks and production techniques redefined the 19th and 20th centuries. A mighty pairing.

Modern Art Oxford, Oxford until 8 March
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(c) The Estate of Sire Terry Frost

© The Estate of Sire Terry Frost

Terry Frost: Eleven Poems by Federico Garcia Lorca

Terry Frost’s (1915-2003) long career in painting began after he was taken prisoner during the second world war, he also first encountered poetry at the frontline, igniting a love affair with the writing of Federico Garcia Lorca. Five decades after Lorca was killed by Pro-Franco militias in the Spanish civil war, Frost created a series of etchings mostly in his ‘prime colours’ – red, black and white – inspired by the writer. Shapes splash and rush around the paper, echoing the pace and violence of Lorca’s most popular pieces.

Pallant House Gallery, Chichester until February
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Work by Willem de Rooij © Max McClure

Willem de Rooij/Fujiko Nakaya: Fog Bridge

Global outpourings of emotion are exposed in de Rooij’s large-scale installation Index: Riots, Protest, Mourning and Commemoration. Eighteen panels hold a selection of photographs cut from newspapers from January 2000 – July 2002. The pictures come without a provenance, time, description or reference to the original articles. Images of nameless firefighters, freedom fighters, supporters, mourners and marchers democratise grief, presenting a global perspective on images in the media.

Arnolfini, Bristol until 8 February

Fujiko Nakaya has played with weather for decades, creating artificial phenomena from Japan to Spain, obstructing and revealing fields and forests, public plazas and parking garages and now Pero’s Bridge, Bristol, is to be engulfed in her trademark sculptural material of choice: clouds of fog.

Arnolfini, Bristol 12 -23 February
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