Volunteers in Ireland to plant one million trees in one day

An ambitious initiative in Ireland will see one million trees planted across the country in just 24 hours, creating a better environment for all

How many trees can be planted in 24 hours? One hundred? One thousand? An ambitious initiative in Ireland is hoping for much more than that, aiming to plant one million trees in one day as part of a drive to boost dwindling tree populations in the country.

As many as 10,000 volunteers in 32 counties across Ireland are taking part in a plant-athon between 12pm Friday 26 April and 12pm Saturday 27 April 2013, with nearly 2,000 landowners – from farmers to schools and colleges to community groups – signed up to the cause.

According to Irish National Forestry Foundation (INFF) executive director Cillian Lohan, the future benefits of the scheme will include cleaner air, cleaner soil and more efficient water absorption, which will help reduce instances of flooding.

“There is an opportunity here to plant a mix of species so that it replicates a natural woodland, the whole system would benefit local communities in terms of providing for their fuel energy needs, insects pollinating local crops, facilitating wildlife and a natural setting where people can be outdoors and enjoy,” he said.

From a single tree in a school playground to 100,000 saplings across vast tracts of land, every tree counts. Every planted tree will be logged on an interactive map network of locations, detailing its location, type and sponsor, if applicable.

“The whole idea is we to go out to communities, schools and particularly farmers who are looking after most of the land mass in Ireland and try to get trees planted according to the ethos of our organisation, which is to utilise the land in a sustainable way to satisfy community needs and create jobs,” Mr Lohan said.