Three good things: packaging

From laser labels to ‘plastic’ derived from sugar cane, three environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic packaging  

1. Natural branding

‘Laser labelling’, a plastic-free branding alternative, is being trialled on fresh produce. Image: Nature & More

Trials of plastic-free ‘laser labels’ have begun with sweet potatoes, avocados and coconuts. A strong light is shone on to vegetables, removing pigment from their skin. The mark comes off when the skin is removed and doesn’t impact taste, aroma or shelf life. Research by Florida University confirms the technique is safe, according to the American Society for Horticultural Science.

2. Soap paper

Cosmetics company Lush now wrap all of their bars of shower wash in dissolvable ‘soap paper’. Image: Lush Digital

Cosmetics company Lush now wrap all of its bars of shower wash in ‘soap paper’. The dissolvable packaging, made from blended melon puree and soap flakes, was dreamed up by product developer Wesley Burrage in a sweet shop, inspired by fruit leather snacks.

3. Plant-based plastics

The Tetra Rex drinks carton harnesses the power of plants instead of using plastic materials. Image: Tetra Pak International S.A.

The Tetra Rex drinks carton is made entirely from plant-based materials: ‘plastics’ derived from sugar cane and paperboard. They are made by Brazilian company Braskem, which sources sugar cane grown on degraded pastures. More than 200bn have already been made.

Featured image: Lush Digital

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