Thousands ‘connect the dots’ between extreme weather and climate change

A global campaign to raise awareness of the connection between extreme weather and climate change saw thousands of people take part in Climate Impacts Day on 5 May 2012

Photographs from over 100 countries, collected by the campaign organisers,, show visual demonstrations of how people are ‘connecting the dots’. Campaigners believe there is now global understanding that climate change is already affecting people’s lives and that action needs to be taken.

“There isn’t a country left that hasn’t felt the sting of climate change, that’s why this effort is so widespread,” said Bill McKibben, co-founder. “People everywhere are saying the same thing: our tragedy is not some isolated trauma, it’s part of a pattern.”

Participants in the day of action also promoted potential solutions to the climate crisis. In Lund, Sweden, students collected old bicycles to form a large visual dot, before shipping them to South Africa to be re-used. communications director, Jamie Henn told Positive News: “Climate Impacts Day was a chance to reaffirm our commitment to the cause and to each other. The faces in these photos are our allies and together we make up one of the most diverse, widespread movements in history.”

Following Climate Impacts Day, is urging people to maintain pressure on politicians to act on climate change and is building a database of stories and photographs from people affected by extreme weather.

Read it and don’t weep.

Headlines about what’s going right in the world are now being shared with millions of people through digital screens on high streets and in shopping centres all around the UK.