New eco-friendly washing detergent for outdoor clothing

The first environmentally-friendly washing detergent specifically designed to tackle the hard-to-remove stains and smells on sports and outdoor clothing, has been launched by eco-friendly cleaning product manufacturer, Alma Win.

Alma Win Sport & Outdoor is suitable for swimwear and clothing containing gortex or microfibre, which the company says should not be washed using normal detergent as this can cause it to lose its breathable, waterproof and windproof properties.

While being eco-friendly, the detergent is also intensive, says the company, and effectively removes sweat, stains and odours even at temperatures as low as 20 degrees – and is just as effective in soft as well as hard water areas.

The active washing substances used are based on vegetable oils and fats, and the new product from Alma Win is soap free, preventing fabric membranes from becoming blocked and therefore helping to maintain the ‘breathability’ of the material.

As Alma Win products contain certified organic ingredients and are free from potentially hazardous substances such as petrochemicals, chlorine, bulking agents and phosphates, they are advertised as a good choice for people with sensitive skin or who suffer from allergies. The company claims its entire range is ethically produced and suitable for vegans, while the products are 100% biodegradable.