For Fish’s Sake campaign targets Thames litter

Londoners are being encouraged to stem the tide of litter into the capital’s river

A campaign, For Fish’s Sake, is encouraging people pick up and bin litter along the Thames to help protect hundreds of species of river-dwelling wildlife. The Thames is home to 125 species of fish, as well as other wildlife such as seals, dolphins and even sea horses.

Sarah Divall, Hubbub project coordinator, with items of rubbish recently found in the Thames

Displays of unusual discarded objects and the hashtag #FFSLDN are being used to raise awareness of the 300 tonnes of rubbish cleared from the river each year.

We plan to create a model that will work in any town or city with a waterway

Started by environment charity Hubbub, it runs until September. Hubbub say that 74 per cent of litter picked from the Thames is food and drink related. “For those who prefer pound signs to porpoises,” said a Hubuub spokesperson, “the Thames is worth £40bn to the UK economy and provides 140,000 jobs”.

“We plan to create a model that will work in any town or city with a waterway.”

#FFSLDN aims to help stem the flow of litter into the Thames

All images: Hubbub/Lucy Young

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