Entrepreneur offers a wearable glitter alternative without the microplastics

Glitter lovers can now sparkle with a conscience thanks to a biodegradable alternative

Wearable glitter has become part of the uniform for stylish festival-goers the world over – but the microplastics in conventional glitter are pollution to our oceans.

Wild Glitter, a retailer founded by entrepreneur Olivia Moon, offers eco-friendly glitter that uses a wood pulp-based film. As well as being biodegradable, the trees used in the manufacturing process are sourced from responsibly managed plantations, meaning glitter lovers can sparkle with a conscience.

I wanted to offer an ethical, eco-friendly and animal-friendly way to sparkle

“Watching a weekend’s worth of glitter wash down the plughole after a festival, I realised that my glitter use was undoing all the good work I was doing avoiding microbeads, recycling and litter picking at beaches,” said Moon. With each dab of glitter she would feel a pang of hypocrisy.

“I wanted to offer an ethical, eco-friendly and animal-friendly way to sparkle.”

Research suggests that someone who eats an average amount of seafood consumes up to 11,000 pieces of plastic in their lifetime due to ocean pollution. Glitter is classed as a primary microplastic, meaning it is manufactured to be 5mm or smaller.


Photography by Olivia Moon

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