Zero-carbon ‘long barrow’ built in the Cotswolds

A stunning new eco-house, inspired by the design of prehistoric long barrow monuments, has been built near Stroud, in the Cotswolds

From across the valley, the house is so well hidden under the turf roof, that it can barely be been seen. Inside and out, there are a whole host of features, making it highly sustainable and energy efficient. The walls have 40cm of insulation and there are solar panels, a ground source heat pump, whole house ventilation, rainwater harvesting, grey water drainage and reedbed sewage treatment. Local materials were used where possible during construction.

The owners, who have lived in the area all their lives, found the site after a long search and replaced a dilapidated 1960s bungalow with their new home. The 5-bed single storey house, designed with DSH Architects, follows the slope of the hill and is organised around a curved central staircase. The roof, covered in sedum, is edged in curved copper, like an airplane wing. Each group of rooms leads off the main staircase and has its own outside space, while the kitchen has glass walls.

The owners say they are delighted with their home. They have found it to be always warm and light, with stunning views across the valley and the fuel bills are low.