UK’s first sharing festival launched

Share has grown from a single shop in Frome, to holidng the country’s first festival dedicated to sharing

Having opened its doors in 2015, Share, which calls itself a library of things, has high aspirations. It aims to transform the future of retail by lending rather than selling items and by creating more meaningful connections with the things all of us use in the process.

Since we reported on them in June last year, Share has launched a new initiative, the UK’s first Sharing Festival, which took place throughout the Somerset town of Frome in November. Using workshops and events, it showcased the ways in which people can share their time, skills and items.

Supporters of Share can now become monthly members by making a regular contribution and receiving borrowing perks, rather than making a one-off payment when joining. This is part of a strategy to increase the financial sustainability of the project.

The team has also introduced Create at Share events on Thursday afternoons: opportunities for people to learn creative skills, or work on their own crafty projects in a collaborative environment.

Share now has 330 members and nine volunteers, and has increased monthly lends to 90.

“People both locally and further afield seem really excited about the idea and we have received media coverage from as far away as Spain,” said project manager Charley Murrell.

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