Thought leaders call to build a sustainable economy

Leaders from diverse fields have united to call to make the UK economy work for people and the environment

A new report from the An Economy That Works alliance includes contributions on six key themes: high employment, equality of opportunity, wellbeing, low carbon development, zero waste and enhancing the UK’s natural capital. Its authors say each policy proposal is ripe for implementation by the next government.

Contributors include Christine Berry of the New Economics Foundation, urging that wellbeing be placed at the heart of business and economics, and a proposal by Toby Roxburgh and Karen Ellis at WWF-UK to introduce a new programme to “stress test” the risks to the UK economy caused by the depletion of the UK’s natural resources.

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Oliver Dudok van Heel, executive director of the An Economy That Works alliance, said he hoped the proposals would speed the transition to an “economy that delivers prosperity, competitiveness and sustainability to the UK”.