How spare baggage capacity could help charities

A team of students has developed a prototype system that allows frequent flyers to fill their spare luggage capacity on planes with products that charities need

Their idea would see travellers register their details with the system, which they called Travita, and are given a list of products needed by charities in their destination city.

Travellers can then buy the products and a fill the gaps in their luggage. When they arrive at the airport they take the products to a drop-off point and the charity is automatically informed that they can come and collect.

The innovative idea was dreamt up by students from Queen Mary University London and has won the £10,000 grand prize in the Sabre Destination Hack event competition.

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Greg Webb, one of five judges and president at Sabre Travel Network, said, “We chose Travita as our overall winner because it displayed the most unique use of technology that can provide a new way for frequent travellers to give back to the community. It’s something we’ve never seen before and something we believe will go a long way.”

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