Progress towards a greener global economy

A United Nations project aiming to help create a greener global economy has reported positive results from its initial projects

The Green Economy Initiative (GEI), a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) project which began in 2008, undertakes research and provides advice to countries on creating greener economies. It aims to support investment in green industries and improve the environmental credentials of other sectors of the economy. The GEI currently supports initiatives in 22 countries.

Recent positive announcements from GEIs:

In March 2012 Mexico opened a Centre for Research on Sustainable Development and Climate Change with the support of the GEI. The non-profit centre will help develop green economic policies in Mexico and promote the concept of green economics across the developing world.

In Montenegro a GEI study has estimated that green investments proposed from 2012-2020 will generate around €4.16m per year for the country’s economy.

In May 2012, the Moroccan Ministry of Energy, Mining, Water and Environment hosted a workshop aimed at the country’s policy makers and civil service to share views on creating a green economy in Morocco.