Five ways to share in Amsterdam

See the city through the eyes of a local with these cheap – and often free – social sharing ideas, which are part of a new series aiming to help people travel sustainably and connect with communities

The laid back city of Amsterdam is ideal for those with a social sharing spirit. The locals will share their boats and bikes and their favourite food while you immerse yourself in canal culture and wander around second hand markets.

1. Share food
For a few Euros, or sometimes free, you can dine with local families or flatmates and share travel stories over a slice of traditional Dutch life via Or, share a meal with a group of strangers/new friends supper club style, using

2. Clothes swapping: The Novel Clothes Swap Shop
Want to pick up some old or nu-skool fashion? Pack a few clothes you no longer want and exchange them at this cutting-edge book and clothes library project. Clothes swapping parties are held every three months, but the project is open five days a week in Nieuw-West as part of a Housing Association scheme. You’ll be right on trend at

3. Share wheels:
This lovely little site lets you rent bikes from locals and bike shops from as little as €3 a day. From classics to cruisers, there are all sorts of options. Just type in where you’re staying and your nearest options will pop up.

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4. Boat sharing:
Run by a community of boat enthusiasts, this is a sharing site for souls who just want other people to enjoy time on their boat. The site encourages sharers to offer the captain a little treat as a thank you, but no money is needed – a sale free sail!

5. Share space:
Want to enjoy the canal from your centrally-located houseboat for the weekend? On you’ll find hundreds of options to stay at the homes of locals in cool neighbourhoods around the city. Vehicle sharing options also available.


This list was compiled by Claudia Cahalane – editor of Compare and Share City Guides. For the full Amsterdam guide and others, see