5 co-ops for the 21st century

Though the co-operative model has been around for hundreds of years, it’s still relevant today. Our pick of 5 co-operatives in today’s digital, media and creative sectors

Founders & Coders

A co-operative of web developers that runs the UK’s only free coding bootcamp. The nonprofit has trained more than 150 students so far and generates income by charging fees when employees hire its graduates.

Image: Founders & Coders’

Bristol Cable

A media co-operative that aims to ‘redefine local journalism’ at a time when many local newspapers are closing, depriving communities of a key democratic function. Readers are able to join nearly 1,900 others for £1 per month.

Image: Bristol Cable

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Blake House Co-op

‘Reclaim the screen’ say those at Blake House, a values-led co-op of filmmakers. They make videos for social enterprises, artists and charities, among others.

Image: www.blake.house

The Remakery

A co-operative workshop space in London that diverts waste materials from landfill. It lends ‘Remakers’ – local residents, makers, artists and businesses – materials and tools to create products, art and enterprises. Profits help fund subsidised membership.

Image: The Remakery


A members’ co-operative supporting freelancers and the self-employed. Network members get access to co-working spaces and their profiles are listed online. Full members get a share and vote in a community benefit society.


This series is guest edited by Vivian Woodell, founder of The Phone Co-op and head of The Phone Co-op Foundation for Co-operative Innovation


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