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Positive News is the constructive journalism magazine.
Online and in print we offer quality, independent reporting on progress and possibility.
As a magazine and a movement, we are changing the news for good.

Est. Positive News - Inspiration for Change 1993


Positive News is a media co-operative owned by readers and journalists worldwide, and our profits are reinvested in our journalism.

Through our #OwnTheMedia crowdfunding campaign, in 2015 Positive News became a community benefit society (a form of co-op) invested in by more than 1,500 people in 33 countries, age 18-89, who each have equal influence. Instead of serving a media mogul, we serve the many.

Positive News was the first media organisation in the world to offer ‘community shares’ globally through crowdfunding.


Seán Dagan Wood



Lucy Purdy


Travel editor

Aaron Millar

Stakeholder engagement manager

Pauline Milligan



Martyn Lewis CBE



Shauna Crockett-Burrows (1930 – 2012)

Co-operatives UK member

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