Three inspiring sexual health campaigns

Lucy Purdy

From a storyline on a radio soap to a youth-focused project featuring animated emojis, three inspiring sexual health campaigns

1. Getting emojinal

Featuring real people talking about having an STI, the ‘Protect against STIs, wear a condom’ digital media campaign is targeted squarely at the 15 to 24 audience. People in the film have had their faces replaced with animated emojis, a move which Public Health England said spoke to the ‘visual language’ of this age group. It was released via Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

Image: Public Health England

2. ‘Stealth’ advice for the over-50s

Sexual health education is usually limited to young people, but diagnoses of STDs in people aged 50 to 70 have risen by a third in a decade. Therefore, many experts welcomed a sexual health storyline in radio soap opera The Archers – average listener age: 56 – last year. Phoebe Aldridge visited an STI clinic after an incident with a fruit picker and a split condom. Commentators described it as ‘stealth’ sexual health education. A BBC spokesman said: “The Archers has always sought to reflect different experiences of everyday life.”

Image: Alex Blajan

3. Great sexpectations

Forget awkward demonstrations and out-of-touch, boring lessons. At the charity Sexpression:UK, university students volunteer to go into schools to discuss healthy relationships. Topics range from STIs and sexuality, to contraception and consent. Teachers can request a visit from their local branch, linking pupils with uni students who are just a few years older.

Image: Ariana Prestes


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