New issue of Positive News magazine puts pleasure first

Kelsi Farrington

With a cover story about making sex education sexy, the inspiring current affairs magazine considers the power of giving attention to what is desired rather than what is feared

With sensual, sophisticated images photographed for Positive News by Tara Moore, issue 89 of the magazine features a cover story about the movement for positive sex education. From the porn star with a safe sex message, to campaigners in countries where sex is strictly taboo, Positive News editor Lucy Purdy asks the ‘pleasure pioneers’ why it’s time for change.

Published on 5 April, a central theme of the issue is the value of focusing public conversations more on what society wants, as well as on what it rejects.

Issue 89 of Positive News magazine is packed with stories of how society is capable of healthy renewal

The magazine includes candid interviews with former neo-Nazis who transformed their hate-filled lives and are now supporting others to do the same. While a wave of nationalism sweeps the globe, a network of these former far-right extremists is growing too. As Brexit negotiations begin, the interviews with the ‘formers’ who have rebuilt their identities offer powerful insights into how social divisions could be healed. Powerful illustrations by Sébastien Thibault accompany the feature.

Another key article considers how we could be moving into ‘the age of the citizen’. From digital democracy to community-owned businesses, an infographic reveals the steps being made towards a more creative and participatory society.

Editor-in-chief Seán Dagan Wood said: “At a time when the identities of the UK and other nations are volatile, issue 89 of Positive News magazine is packed with stories of how society is capable of healthy renewal. From the Londoners who want to reclaim the word ‘foreigner’ as a positive, to the Ethiopian art photographer showing a new perspective on Africa, we report on the signposts towards a future that we could all take pleasure in.”

Positive News magazine issue 89 was launched at an event in Brighton on 5 April.

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