Land rights victory for Indian women

Rachel England

A women’s land rights policy in the Indian state of Odisha has come to fruition meaning thousands of single women have been given their own land

Odisha’s 2014 policy paper states that landless single women with an annual income below £418 should be registered as a separate household and are eligible for a small plot of government-owned land. Historically, women only received the land if they were living alone, yet traditionally widows, abandoned wives and unmarried women stay with extended family, making them ineligible.

The policy successfully negotiated a complicated mix of culture and politics to make thousands of women eligible for pattas – the title deeds to land of their own.

Around 3,500 women will be granted new land parcels from the government’s Land to Landless programme, while 450 will be given formal titles to land on which they already live. Some 6,200 widows will be given their own land titles after their deceased husbands’ names are removed from deeds.

  • I’m pretty sure women in India have the most rights of any women in the world.I haven’t researched them enough to say for certain. When I was younger I was a nurse and I worked with a lot of Indian women in the U.S. (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas). I’m “Indian” but Native American Indian so that really didn’t matter. Anyway, as I was saying, I worked with a lot of Indian women and they taught me how to stand up for myself and how to be confident against the men I worked with. If a man mistreated one of them, she wouldn’t even look him in the eyes and barely acknowledged he was there from that point on. But before that they were very attentive and helpful. It was like be nice to me and you will get anything you want. Disrespect me, and you might as well not exist. It was a powerful moment for me at 19 years old. Today I am 43. That type of confidence compounded on top of everything I’ve noticed some of my other mentors and elders do has all prepared me for this moment in history. I don’t know how many people read these comments (doesn’t look like many lol) but if anyone does read it I want these to be the last words you read. Donald J. Trump will never be the President of the United States as long as there are women like me alive.

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