From supporting journalism that exposes solutions and backing people-owned media, to boosting your wellbeing: the top reasons to become a Positive News supporter


1. Media shapes society
Media has a powerful influence on our world. We believe excessive negativity in the press is destructive for society, so instead we are working to create a more constructive and compassionate media. To do this, we urgently need your support.

2. Help Positive News survive
The whole media industry is having to find new sources of income in a struggle for survival. We are no different. Your ongoing support will bring us closer to a sustainable future.

3. Constructive journalism
We showcase quality, independent reporting that focuses on progress and possibility. No cat videos or fluff, just good journalism with a solution-focused approach. It’s serious optimism.

4. Owned by you
Instead of being owned by a wealthy media mogul, Positive News is owned by the many. We are a community benefit society (a form of co-operative) owned by and accountable to our reader co-owners. If you missed our #OwnTheMedia community share offer, you can register your interest in becoming a co-owner here.

5. Join a global movement
Positive News is a global community of shared values. Join others who want to create a thriving society and who know that the way we view things matters. Member benefits include exclusive emails from our editors, priority invitation to Positive News events, and more. Together, we are changing the news for good.positive_news_noma_bar_illustration

6. Beyond profit
As a community benefit society we are duty bound to work for social benefit and reinvest any profit we make back into our journalism.

7. Get a reality check
The news can only ever capture a tiny fragment of reality, and it tends to focus on humanity at its worse. Positive News helps you see the bigger picture, keeping you informed without leaving you feeling cynical and hopeless. Be informed, be inspired.

8. Balance your media diet
Research has shown that negative news can lead to mental health problems, while positive news can boost your wellbeing.

9. Media that connects
Drama, blame and conflict-focused news stories can often divide us, but positive news stories can foster a sense of community.

10. Be empowered
Positive News shows how people’s actions make a difference. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by what’s going wrong, our stories can help you respond to challenges. See good, feel good, do good.

Positive News can help you see good, feel good and do good

11. What you focus on grows
Positive psychology has found that our realities are shaped by the way our brains view the world. Start with a positive lens on the world and unleash your creative power and potential.

12. News is beautiful
With the mainstream media full of so much doom and gloom, we want to make news beautiful. That’s why our magazine is exquisitely designed and our website is free from disruptive ads. Beautiful and useful.

13. Inspiration for everyone
We want to keep our content free online so that more and more people can access it and be inspired. Without big corporate advertisers or owners, we rely on the financial support of those of you who can afford to chip in.

14. Ethical partners
We don’t let advertisers gatecrash the party. Instead, through our Brands of Inspiration partnership scheme we only allow ethical organisations to connect with you. Editorial coverage of our partners is created independently by us and sponsored content is clearly marked.

15. The original positive publication
Everyone knows the world needs more positive stories, so there are plenty of imitators. But Positive News was the first media organisation to take good news seriously. Having been in print since 1993, we are the longest-established publication for quality journalism that inspires.

Join the movement for a constructive and compassionate media

Media has a powerful influence on our world. Join as a Positive News supporter or subscriber to get exclusive member benefits and help change the news for good.

Main image: Seán Dagan Wood, editor-in-chief of Positive News. Photo by Ahsan Abbas.