Through my lens: Icelandic horses

Alexander Walker

In our new Through my lens section, a photographer describes what it was like to be in the moment, capturing an experience framed and frozen in time

Travelling near Gullfoss in Iceland in the summer, I came across a group of horses huddling together, sheltering their faces from the strong, cold winds.

Slowly, carefully, I approached the fence. As I got closer I could hear their deep breathing, and the shuffling of their hooves in the mud. Their acceptance of me was quite remarkable; they didn’t flinch or move at all, they just observed.

I crouched right within the group and took this image inches away from the horses either side.

It was one of many remarkable moments on that trip.

Icelandic Horses group together to shelter from the wind on near Gulfoss Iceland.

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  • John

    Amazing image, fantastic narrative. Great new section to Positive News

  • Whytey

    Icelandic horses are unique in the world as they have five distinctive gaits whereas other horses tend only to have three (walk, trot and canter/gallop – some others may have four). These two further gaits are thought to have evolved from the demanding terrain and very careful breeding. They also tend to be lovely animals.

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