Ten reasons to invest in Positive News

Positive News

We’re becoming the first crowdfunded global media co-operative, giving our readers the chance to buy community shares and #OwnTheMedia. Here are our top ten reasons why you should invest

1. Because the world needs more positive news

2. Be a positive media mogul and #OwnTheMedia

3. Prove that media businesses can sustainably put purpose before profit

4. Support us in reporting a fuller picture of truth: the solutions as well as challenges

5. Join a community of people with shared values

6. Have a say in how Positive News is run

7. Because this is your chance to be part of the first crowdfunded global media co-operative

8. Our 100% organic cotton #OwntheMedia t-shirts are lush!

9. Help us challenge the fact that much of the world’s media is owned by a handful of corporations

10. Because there have been enough waterskiing squirrels and cats rescued from trees. Ours is proper, relevant journalism

We are inviting our readers to #OwnTheMedia. Become an owner now and help us become the first crowdfunded global media cooperative.

Photo title: Invest in Positive News to get one of our 100% organic cotton #OwntheMedia t-shirts

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  • Cheri Midderigh

    I think Positive News is fantastic, and I enjoy reading both Facebook news stories and the print version. I am also excited about your share offer. However, there is one aspect that concerns me, and that is the decision to relaunch as a magazine rather than keeping a more newspaper-like format. You only need to stand in any newsagent or supermarket to see that the magazine section is overflowing; there are so very many glossies available to buy that I fear a Positive News magazine would simply be lost in the crowd! In developing a new newspaper format, the message would be a lot clearer – you would be placing yourself firmly amongst the existing news providers, to provide a real alternative to their ‘bad news’. I would love to see PN on the shelves with the other daily (or Sunday) newspapers. I myself would be much more excited to see this than another magazine, and I think a newspaper would bring PN to the forefront whilst a magazine would marginalise it as an ‘alternative’ interest.

  • Liam McDonagh-Greaves

    Hello Cheri,

    I think the decision to relaunch as a magazine is partly because a magazine is a more durable format – if a copy is hanging around (hopefully being read by lots of people!) for three months until the next issue comes out, a newspaper format tends not to stand up to the wear and tear as well as a magazine.

    That said, I actually have the same concerns as you, and I think this is an issue (pardon the pun) that we should explore more, as co-owners, once the new co-op is up and running. In the short-term, at least, I think we should trust the judgement of the current team.

    How exciting!

  • Gavin

    Its easy to run away in enthusiasm however one of the great principles of the Mars corporation is Freedom
    We need freedom to shape our future; we need profit to remain free.
    Their principles have worked well and with that sort of perspective of their five principles then the business will run well and thus reward the employee, associates and readers.

    Honesty integrity and trustworthiness are the 3 most important qualities of management according to Warren Buffett and such a directness would also support management in being uncomfortably direct when needed saving time, money and awkwardness later.

    A cooperation is also good so lets build a great big successful business and networks worldwide.

    Here is a good idea, making a news feed for doctors surgeries changed once a week to brighten and change the perception of the world for the better without grugs drugs. The magazine might also be distributed to them as well for a fee. Some NHS pscho wards might like the slant as well. Paid of course and carefully measured of actual usage and operation.

    Digital distribution is also cheap so of course apps as well worldwide

  • juliakemp

    I agree with Cheri on this. I am on the verge of investing but this news discourages me. I have been a subscriber for many years and I seem to remember there was a magazine that used to come with PN. I believe it was voted down (for reasons of cost?) so I wonder what has brought about this decision now.

    Newspapers are great! Easy to fold, easy to read, softer on the environment than a glossy magazine and eternally popular. And wasn’t there an update of the newspaper version not so long ago? Beware of changing too much PN – we love you as you are!

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