Was the COP21 deal actually good news?

Positive News

The Paris climate talks ended on Saturday with world leaders agreeing to an historic new target to limit climate change. But is it all as good as it sounds? We get the views of experts and organisations at the heart of the climate movement

After two weeks of negotiations at COP21, leaders from 195 countries adopted a new international climate accord. The agreement aims to limit the rise in global temperature to “well below” 2C and is the first to commit almost every country in the world to fight climate change. The talks have been regarded by many as a success, but does the deal do enough and what needs to be done from here?

Photo title: Delegates celebrate a deal being reached at the Paris climate conference

Photo credit: © Arnaud Bouissou - MEDDE / SG COP21

  • Diana

    So as chemtrails are definitely implicated in climate change – indeed that is part of their purpose, what measures were passed to ensure that they stop immedaitely?

    Only joking. I don’t suppose anyone dared to bring up the subject,

  • Jennifer Gray

    Glad to see some other +ve news reader knows there are sinister forces at work!!! Ta

  • Chris Barton

    I think the issue of aircraft contrails and the long lasting, straight clouds they leave in the sky is a really valid point to raise when it comes to “climate change” After 911 when all aircraft was grounded, there was a 1.8 degree temperature change above the US. If that’s not climate change then I don’t know what is.

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