Energy campaign fights to eliminate fuel poverty

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With the backing of big businesses and prominent charities, the Energy Bill Revolution is taking its fight all the way to the top

Nearly one quarter of mothers must regularly choose between buying food and heating their homes, according to a survey by campaign group Energy Bill Revolution. The group surveyed 1,000 users of the parenting website Netmums and found that 23% had faced the dilemma on more than one occasion.

Responding to the survey results, founder of Netmums Sally Russell said: “These are impossible choices for families to make, as both [heating and food] are essential to good health and children’s safety and security.”

However, the Energy Bill Revolution is campaigning for change. Backed by businesses, national charities and trade unions, the group is calling on government to invest the money it will raise from carbon taxes into improving the energy efficiency of homes. Over the next 15 years, the government will raise £63bn in carbon taxes; money which the Energy Bill Revolution estimates could insulate millions of homes and knock more than £300 off the average family’s fuel bill.

Pre-empting the official launch of the Green Deal – a government scheme to help people finance energy efficiency improvements to their homes – the Energy Bill Revolution group has written to the prime minister with its survey results, urging him to consider their proposals. The letter to David Cameron included 16 pages of signatures from directors and CEOs of prominent national charities and businesses.

Director of the Energy Bill Revolution, Ed Matthew, writes that an investment in energy efficiency “is also one of the best ways to generate economic growth and jobs and reduce carbon emissions,” and notes that whatever the outcome of the Green Deal, it will not be enough to address what he describes as a “fuel poverty crisis.”

Since the campaign’s launch in 2012, it has also gathered the backing of 180 MPs.

  • Vivienne DuBourdieu

    What about the elderly and the sick on limited incomes faced with the same problem? Or should they be left to die in the cold?

  • Riche

    Rest assured the UK will pay a high price for it’s underinvestment in energy. Prices will rise above inflation for the foreseeable future because of the countries financial standing. Carbon _anything_ is a distraction from the real infrastructure and resource access issues. The UK is on the hook to Russia with regards to gas, at the end of a very long drinking straw. Fracking will pollute groundwater for centuries to come and cause geological disturbances. There isn’t enough sun to deploy solar panels, and even less incentive to invest now the feed-in tariffs were slashed along with grants for installation.

    One solution would be small scale wind, VAWT, along the edge of your roof. The biggest cost of local wind would be the permanent magnets for the generator.

  • Juliet Yelverton, Healing Waters Sanct

    It is important in the Energy Bill that they do not invest in Nuclear. It is neither, clean or economical, and in fact is a lethal industry at every state of the process from uranium mining to storing the waste, which is plutonium, used to make nuclear weapons. Mothers need to be aware that their children’s lives are in danger if this option is chosen.

    Please support this petition asking for Hinkley C to be vetoed. Please sign it and pass it on.

    Juliet Yelverton

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