Everyday banking has changed. The Triodos Current Account comes with something different - values as standard #jointhechange

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Unveiling the Triodos Current Account
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Kevin John Fellows
· 22 November 2017
Really happy with my new account! Happy to know that my cash is being used properly and ethically. I used the current account switch, everything went swimmingly, the account is up and running, my card... works, my bills are being paid, my direct debits are up and running. Easy to open a savings account. And I’m happy to pay the fee! Let’s face it, it costs money to have provide the services we expect. If we’re not paying a bank directly where are they making their profits to cover the costs of providing those services. From dodgy regimes, arms dealers and goodness knows what other ne’er do wells... Seems a bit sad that customers who know this is a new product are expecting it to be perfect straight away... Also a shame they are using FB to deal with difficulties...

Keep up the good work!
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Joe Redston
· 12 March 2018
I have a savings account with them. All very simple and hassle free. I would suggest reading the details about the accounts before opening one, to make sure they will work for you - but that's an obvi...ous thing to say, right?! [It seems to me that some of the negative reviews are from people who didn't check basic details about the range of accounts??] See more
Dot McCarthy
· 14 November 2017
Really disappointed with this. I wanted to support the great ethics Triodos has, but the card has limited functionality. For example you can't use it to pay at pump for fuel, you have to pay in store ...- which is no use if you work long hours and you're not usually getting fuel when there's someone in the shop. I had to wait over 6 months to get the account, then once I had got my card it won't work in chip and pin devices, only at cash machines. I have had to call them several times about this and the issue is still not resolved as they don't know what the problem is. I have not completely lost hope yet - but so far the impression has not been great so I have moved my money out of the account until further notice. See more
Louise Wilby
· 8 February 2018
It's been a very easy process to open a current account, savings account and an ISA. all communication has been easy, pleasant and the staff that I have spoken to are very personable. I haven't had an...y problems with tech etc, it isn't quite as user friendly as a my previous bank but I would rather know that my money is being used responsibly and ethically! See more
Nicolle Paisley
· 22 November 2017
Sadly, I will be cancelling my account with this bank. The cards do not always work, and I now cannot make online payments on most websites. The offices are closed at 6, and so no help available. Cons...idering this bank charges fees for a service, this isn't good enough. I recommend staying with another bank until this is sorted. See more
Chris Rampersad
· 11 January 2018
There one of the worst banks I have come across, applied for an account and 9 working days later have herd nothing, sent there customer service two emails and guess what no reply, to be honest stick t...o the high street bank as they really knows how to run a bank, these new challengers bank need to raise money to operate and don’t have the technology as the high street banks See more
Katrin Skoruppa
· 4 October 2017
Don't bank with them unless you live in Bristol!

I have moved away from the UK and I am trying to access my savings account, Triodos is now making lots of stories, including not recognising a Swiss b...ank statement as original, wanting a certified ID signed by an embassy but in English etc. It seems the only way I can get my money back is to travel to their only office in Bristol (and that's not an easy deed with twin babies of 11 months, plus what about the carbon footprint). They won't even send me a statement I need for tax purposes. Not very customer-friendly! See more
Jim Jolley
· 15 December 2017
I am very satisfied with the ease of switching to a Triodos savings account from the now discredited Co-operative bank. Triodos is one of the few banks with which you can bank with a clear conscience,... knowing that you are not indirectly supporting questionable companies and regimes via the other profit chasing banks. See more
Chris Aldridge
· 25 May 2018
Hi. Tried to get cash at two metro-bank (reading) atm's this pm, but error msg "unable to process this transaction" displayed both times by mastercard. Used correct pin, as visa card on co-op joint ac...count worked ok!
Any ideas what was wrong?
Thanks, C.
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Lee Bolger
· 9 May 2018
Currently looking for a new bank so wrote a message asking for clarity on what £3 monthly charge affords me beyond what I get from other banks: My message was read but after a full hour no one bothere...d responding. Great way to treat potential customers. Starling Bank, here I come! See more
James Hodgskiss
· 12 March 2018
They were happy for me to put my money in one of their ISA accounts, but when I asked for a current account they refused because of my credit rating - even though I told them I did not want an overdra...ft. Doesn't make sense - esp. when other banks / building societies provide current accounts with no overdraft facility and, therefore, don't have to reject new business for the sake of an irrelevant credit score. See more
Julie-Anne Lander
· 19 April 2018
The bank switch was painless, mobile App and website are easy to use; only downside is being unable to pay in cash.
Rob Morris
· 9 October 2017
Had to wait a while for my invite, but the process was smooth and easy.
I’m hoping that my banking with Triodos will be just as easy!!!
Let’s make a difference together
Calvin Smith
· 13 April 2018
Amazing bank have never looked back. Good ethics and very easy to use.
Pauline Hammerton
· 23 February 2017
I'm very happy to be able to bank with an ethical bank. I left the Co-op some time ago, and am now looking forward to opening a current account with Triodos. I understand that these things take time a...nd organisational resources, and am confident that Triodos will soon be able to honour its promise. See more
Galoushka Eithne
· 2 February 2015
Absolutely awful. I am a joint holder on an account with Triodos and we have had so many problems with the UK branch. After telling me there would be no problem with a large deposit, it took sending T...riodos numerous work documents, and a letter from a lawyer for them to release the money. Almost half a year later, Triodos still ask for more information when the account holder has attempted to move money from the initial deposit. The staff are vague when you ask what checks and balances they are allegedly performing, and their customer service is usually a miss. If you are a small business and you need to move money in a timely matter, I definitely wouldn't recommend Triodos. See more
Roger Penney
· 3 December 2016
so far they have been most helpful and Customer service ;must be very good. However I am worried that I could lose my money. Interest rates are goi g down and it is immoral for any bank to take my mon...ey and then charge me for trusting them with it. This is one reason I am transfering soem of my accounts from my current bank. I am pleased with the ethihcal side, but ther is a wider issue here. We need banking. We also need to keep ahead of inflation. If a bank is making a profit with one's money the, when problems arise the bank needs o=to eb prepared to have taken out some insurance agains the didaster. See more
Beth Porter
· 18 October 2016
I really support Triodos' philosophy and have been with them for several years. But, even after a personal assurance from the CEO that the bank was finally going to make good their promise of the past... 3 years that it was going to offer a current account in Autumn 2016 - now they've reneged on that, too. They now say it won't be till Spring 2017. They don't even bother to share the reasons with us. This is treating us like fools and doesn't reflect the ethical concerns of us, their customers. I'll continue to bank with them, but I'm not happy about this, especially as there's no real alternative - ever since Smile disgraced itself a few years ago and is now ruled by a hedge fund! See more
Ian Balla Starks
· 24 May 2018
Horrid bank they say they help.they dlsend rude letters saying you can't have an account
Simon Neal
· 5 July 2017
Triodos Personal Current Account. Applied on the Friday, operational by Monday with debit card on the Wednesday! Perfect. No issues in application procedure. If this helps Triodos gain market shar...e/critical mass in the ethical market place we wish them well. It is great to be part of something which goes beyond country borders and with strong principals and ethos. See more