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Fairphone 2 - Android 7 'Nougat' with Doze Mode 2.0, a feature that aims to extend battery life by putting inactive apps on standby - Coming this June 👌📱…/Android-7-upgrade-and-a-look-r…/

After nearly three years since the Fairphone 2 handset released, they are extending the life cycle of their existing model as much as they can.

Great event from Co-operatives UK 👌

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Simon Turner
· 13 May 2018
Expensive re-sellers of openreach services with the same disastrous poor quality of service you will get from any other re-seller of openreach services. Their mobile phone service is hideously and don't be fooled by the "ethical" fairphone, it is outdated and it's design is full of flaws, after 2 they had to give up and refund me. See more
Jonathan Hornett
· 13 May 2018
The Phone Co-op offer a great service, we've been customers for 15 years! Their customer service is second to none, they are real people, based in the UK, and they actually help! Their fibre broadband... is also fantastic, and excellent value for money too. ***** See more
Huw Price
· 28 June 2017
Generally good service from Tech Support (oop north) and fair service which are at times wooden from Head Office.
I want to review the new modem (Technicolor TG588v) that Phone Coop have sent. Its to... replace the TG582n Pro that we've had for some years, incidentally this older one has worked well, has been on 24/7 for years and still works.
The new Black one is to speed things up I hoped. However it only seems to have 2.4 ghz speed, non Phone coop newer commercial ones can double that at least.
It has the ethernet, power and phone connectors underneath the rear of its case unlike the previous model that had them at the rear. There is a tatty plastic 'stand' that raises the arse end of the box some 2 inches. Most inelegant design. Boo, wot her indoors is going to say I dunno. Doghouse for me and the Phone Coop I suppose. Give it a month or two before getting a faster Router modem I feel.
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Jim Gilliland
· 21 October 2016
a few years ago i stopped using the big megacorps for my phone and broadband. Why? i was sick of the run-around when things went awry, sick of the endlessly being passed from one call-centre operative... to another, sick of them never dealing with my probelms, never ringing me back when they were supposed to.

so then i moved to the phone co-op and i really enjoyed the change from feeling like i was trapped in some corporate machine, to feeling like i was a valued customer again.

So the other day i had a problem, so I ring up, someone answers the phone and helps me out there and then - 5 mins tops. All done. simple, efficient, human interactions to solve a minor problem.

if i was still with "yapyap" (you know who i mean) i'd still be pulling my hair out ;)

I was so impressed with being a customer, i became a member and from there i also switched my energy needs to the energy coop and set up an account with the coop credit union.

Co-ops rule - corporations drool!
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Joanne Beale
· 28 July 2017
Very disappointed by our experiences with our internet providers @ThePhoneCoop. We went with them in our last place because they seemed like one of the most ethical companies out there and so are thoroughly let down. We told them with plenty of notice that we were moving house and agreed to the £50 installation charge at the new property which they agreed to try and schedule for our moving day (17th July). Great! That day came and went, as did that week and they said there were issues with the connection out of their control but eventually worked that out and told us they'd activate the connection on Monday 24th. When we didn't have internet by the end of the day we called them and they said that as we weren't in they weren't able to complete the installation as we had not been home and that we would also be fined for them having come out and us not being there. They later admitted that we were not sent the letter informing us that we needed to be in, therefore admitting fault. However we are now told we will have to wait another 3 weeks for them to come back which will be 5 weeks without internet. Given that I work from home and am 9 months pregnant which makes finding WIFI hotspots to work in increasingly difficult, I am experiencing loss of earnings as a result and they are not budging at all on the date or responding to our questions about whether they will compensate us for all the mobile internet we are using. We will now have to buy a PAYG mobile internet MiFi device to cover us over the next month (would be nice to be able to share our news when this baby arrives!). We are so disappointed as we currently pay extra to go with companies that have ethical policies and this experience has put us right off. See more
Tim Harness
· 3 February 2017
I have been with the Phone Coop since the early days and always found the service and staff very good.If I have had any issues they have been sorted quickly.
Would rather deal with a small ethical org...anisation like this than the massive impersonal conglomerates very often owned by hedge funds etc with their main aim of maximum profit at minimum cost and avoid paying tax as much as possible. See more
Peter Kennedy
· 28 April 2018
Reliable and honest telecoms provider. Provider of my home phone and internet. Sympathetic customer service.
Gary Gaunt
· 5 November 2016
At the moment, we're very disappointed with the process of activating the high speed broadband. We were switched over to the Coop 9 days ago but only to a slow ADSL line. We then discovered that we wo...uld have to wait about 5 working days for our Superfast line. Today we received a letter telling us that we would have our fast line on 18th November - almost another 2 weeks. This is really not good enough! We have switched providers 3 or 4 times in the past and never had to go through this process before - come on The Coop, get your act together! See more
Nigel Titley
· 12 April 2017
Not entirely happy. Moved my contract from EE to Coop Mobile as they were the only company willing to supply a FairPhone. Just had my first bill... £9.70 on mobile data charges (on a contract with 3Gb... data built in). The nice young lady on the phone said this was data used "before my number was ported". To me this seems to be deception. I like the phone, but my initial impressions of an "ethical company" have been badly dented. See more
Kay Scott
· 4 November 2016
I cannot recommend The Phone Coop highly enough. Ethical company and if you do have a reason to call (which I haven't since I joined over a year ago) you don't get put in a queue or have to make all ...sorts of choices you just ring the number and your call is answered by someone who can help. See more
Dick Wells
· 11 May 2017
I've been with the Phone Co-op for a number of years and can't fault them. If you phone them you get a friendly human being not an endless number of options to press. I had some problem with Internet ...disruption (not PC's fault) and their technical services was on the case straight away. Couldn't have done more. As a result I bought some shares. :-) See more
Laura Hopwood
· 6 May 2017
Every step along the way with Co-op has been a disaster. Most recently they debited my account £56 without warning for a set up fee I had already paid last August. When I was setting up the phone, a long wait for it to arrive, I was sent four different sims because they kept sending the wrong one, which led to being charged additional data costs because someone accidentally deactivated my bundle. I had to replace a faulty handset, which is still not fully operational. I can't receive texts, data service is patchy, and now this sudden charge makes for a very poor service experience. I have tried explaining this over email, however Co-op refuse to acknowledge the poor service, or return my money. See more
Susann Power
· 11 April 2017
Absolutely appalled by his supposedly 'ethical' business. This company has owed my money for a returned phone for nearly 2 months now. Been calling customer services over and over to get my money back..., only to get put off with a different excuse every single time. Marianne O'Brian, Customer Services Manager, should get a handle on their customer services. Speaking to Laura (refuses to give her surname, apparently the only Laura in the customer services team), who has been anything but helpful. Not providing sufficient information. If I ever see my money back, I'll be very surprised. Thinking of closing my Coop bank account now too, as do not want to be affiliated with such a poor business anymore. See more
Claire Roughton Lewis
· 1 March 2016
No issues until I left. I accept the £73 leaving fee. They just take money as and when they feel like. Had to cancel standing order. Because they are useless. Agreement to pay the £73 over three month...s. Have had over £50 this month. They haven't a clue. They don't know what I owe. I have a credit coming on my account next month for over payments and yesterday took another £27. Having to claim it back. Disgusting and would avoid at all costs. My aunt was going to go with them and after seeing the trouble I'm having is going elsewhere. See more
Scotty Jennings
· 12 August 2016
My phone contract has been great, reliable service, great coverage and its a Co-operative, no complaints at all!

Plus they Pay thier taxes being FairTax Accredited which is better then the other prov...iders who are prolific tax dodgers and they are Living Wage Accredited so I know the staff actually have wages they can live on!

Ethics without a premium!
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Lynne Dickens
· 12 December 2016
I have never had a worst experience than with this useless company. Their accounting is unbelievably bad and they have not yet charged me the correct agreed amount over the 4 months I`ve (unfortunatel...y) been with them. Do not sign up to this company! I cannot recommend them! They owe me money but never seem to sort it out. my last conversation with them they confirmed my account was in credit by £72.40 - yet they are now charging me over £15 for the current bill. I am a pensioner and just can`t afford their wacky accounting. Be Warned! See more
Christine Hankinson
· 23 July 2016
I have problems getting on to the Internet at home sometimes with never any warning or apology. ..the phone coop is my broadband supplier and my internet service provider (isp)
Have checked router an...d computers - all fine and they will connect to my phone data.
Not good that there is no support at weekends.
I need the Internet at home and am very fed up
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Bobby Evans
· 7 February 2017
I've been with the Phone Co-op for several years now for phone and broadband. I like that you can always talk to a person and I've had very helpful service when something goes wrong with my internet c...onnection. It's usually easily sorted because you can speak to someone who doesn't speak to you as if you're half-witted. I highly recommend the Phone Co-op. I would have moved my mobile but Vodaphone wanted £20 for the privilege and I only use about £10 a year so I'm stuck for the moment. See more
Susan Keeling
· 14 April 2016
I keep going back to Phone Co-op because I like them! I've recently bought an iPhone and am a complete Luddite. So a big thanks to Ian and his colleague in the call centre this morning who helped me c...lose the app on my phone which was sucking up my data. Thank you! See more
Jane Leathley
· 9 February 2017
Been a customer for more than 10 years now - seeking to minimise the amount of £ the big coporations get from me and ensure fair employment for staff delivering services to me. Very happy with product...s (BB, landline and mobile) and especially with excellent customer care on the rare occasion I've had an issue. See more