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Clare Halford
· 9 May 2018
I love the packaging. But the presence of licorice root in almost every blend leaves me bewildered and angry. As a medical doctor, I have had to caution my pregnant, breastfeeding and hypertensive pat...ients against consuming most of your range of teas. I notice licorice is the only 'FairWild' ingredient in your list. Is this a handy inclusion so you can indeed use the label /FairWild, or is it merely the addition of a cheap, sweet and tasty ingredient to make your teas more palatable? Either way, we need to see a warning on the packet. It's downright negligent not to do so. See more
Louise Bromkin
· 29 March 2018
Only found out a couple of weeks ago about the sellout. I live in Germany and went to my organic supermarket to stock up on my favourite tea of all time, only to find the colourful shelf was bare. Wha...t a nasty surprise. Ethical shops will not be stocking you any more, and along with them you are losing the faithful customers who have built you up to become what you are. So, so sad. Like many other people, I can't give money to Unilever. Still, wishing you the best of luck with "converting" Unilever! See more
RayLee Murphy
· 22 April 2018
Another great company bought out by a huge corporation that will only take the product and cheapen the quality while keeping the price the same so they can make more profits. I'm so frustrated that so... many great companies are getting bought out by big corporations who want to be in the "organic" line without adhering to the strict standards and ethics that most truly organic companies happily adhere to. Yes they make their small brand products more available but they also take their premium products and make them mediocre and no longer worth the price we happily paid before. See more
Virginia Chaves
· 14 January 2018
Your teas are soooo good!!! They’ve saved my throat this week while I’ve been sick!! Worth every penny. It tastes even better with a fresh lemon wedge and little organic honey. I bought the ginger, ma...nuka honey, and lemon one. The turmeric one is good too. Thank you, I’m going to keep buying even after I’m well

Not understanding all of the horrible ratings. People are mad you are owed by Lipton?? Lipton teas are good too??? Must not be from the South where everybody needs Lipton for their sweet teas ?!?
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Sarah Toomey
· 24 April 2018
Three years ago I stopped drinking caffeinated tea and switched to Pukka due to high blood pressure. Have just noticed from looking a the ingredients in so many different Pukka teas that they contain... liquorice root (which increases blood pressure). My fault for not reading the small print, but disappointing too. Even the turmeric gold contains it. I'll be switching to other brands now unfortunately. See more
Sal A Manga
· 12 November 2017
So whilst I always applaud anyone who feels they can change from within, I think you've bitten off more than you can chew with Unilever. To assume that one small brand can create a sea-change amongst ...a plethora of tarnished, harmful practices is naive I think, or perhaps just you believing your own hype a little too much.

I've always bought your teas because of your conviction and ethics: both of which are now questionable. There are other brands who are remaining true to their principles and I'll be sticking with those. If you manage a wholesale change in Unilever - good on you; if it happens our paths may cross again. If not, well, I'm just another old customer you've lost - and that doesn't appear to be something that concerns you. You may increase your market share, but at what cost?!
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Aurore Capriles
· 1 January 2018
I'm French, from Paris, and I've just come across this terrible sellout news...An ethical brand bought by a non-ethical one...Unilever, one of the biggest destroyer of the planet! WTF!!!!! I was so fo...und of this tea..... It won't be in my closet anymore. It is sad but I can't give my money to a brand that has its hands full of blood (animal testing, palm oil, chemicals...). Hope all consumers of this tea will boycott. See more
Suki Kahlon
· 22 January 2018
Absolutely love Pukka Teas... currently have 11 different teas and just seen new ones on the site. Will be purchasing some more shortly.. all you need now is a storage tea box to store all the teas to...gether. Drinking at least 4 different teas a day. Would recommend over other teas. Great taste, great benefits and a great selection to choose from. My favourite Teas at the minute. See more
Stacey Howard
· 11 April 2018
It's quite simple, I can't live without them! The tulsi, turmeric gold, all the flavours of Matcha, three mint, etc etc etc! Love them all. And their customer service is second to none. I messaged the...m with a query and was answered straight away and was really well looked after! Very impressive. See more
Jessica Suzanne Dugas
· 18 November 2017
I saw Pukka teas at my local Publix store here in Alabama and I thought they sounded delicious. I purchased both the Vanilla Chai and the Detox tea. The Vanilla Chai was the one I chose for myself. Th...ey are absolutely horrible. I don't know if it is just the batch I received or what, but there is almost no flavor. I tend to drink about 12-16oz so I even went as far as using 3 tea bags at once, I've tried to leave them to sit in the water for 15 mins, 30 mins, even 45 minutes and still no difference. The tea is no stronger or flavorful at 5 minutes than it is at 45 minutes. The box says, "Have an amazing adventure." It truly is an amazing adventure trying to figure out how to taste the tea. Really disappointed with this product. See more
Mostafa F. Aboelkhair
· 23 January 2018
Dear Sir / Madam:
My Regards to everybody at your esteemed company We would like to introduce our Egyptian company .our "pharaoh Herbs" for Import &Export Co. which export herbs and spices. We are w...illing to build business relations with your esteemed company. We can supply medical Herbs, Leaves, Seeds, spices raw form and Powder form.
Knowing that we are specified in producing, preparing and exporting these products and having clients all over the world, ensures you that you will get good products with the best quality and with competitive prices .
Our products includes: Herbs: Chamomile , calendula, hibiscus marjoram , parsley , dill, Molokai leaves , peppermint, spearmint , basil………etc)
Seeds : cumin seeds, caraway seeds , coriander seeds, Nigella seeds ,fennel seeds, anise seeds)
Spices : (ginger, cumin, black lemon, yellow lemon… Garlic powder…dry garlic……etc)
We faithfully thank you for the time that you have taken in order to go through this message .
Please feel free to contact us in case you need to utilize any of the services that our company provides. We guarantee you complete security. The motto of our company is honesty .
We have today low prices for our products.
we are waiting for your reply soon .
I hope there is work between us shortly.
We are serious about it .
Yours sincerely
Mostafa Aboelkhair
Director of Export Department
" Contact details"
Address :-

Egypt - Fayoum - Ibshway

Phone : +2 01023224605
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Melanie Golab
· 9 January 2018
Let´s be honest for one Minute Pukka/Unilver: Are you still testing on animals? I loved your teas (and still love them) but since Unilever is still experimenting in animals and since you are a part of... Unilever now,I cannot buy one of your products any longer. This goes against everything I believe is good and right. See more
Emilie Kreutzmann
· 14 November 2017
I was about to rate Pukka Herbs with 5 stars, but after I've found out that the company was sold to Unilever I decided to rate Pukka Herbs with only 1 star. It's sad to hear that my favourite tea-bran...d is now in the same company as the tea-brand Lipton. A Lipton tea only makes me feel unwell after I've had it. See more
Cameil Ramouche
· 1 November 2017
So i hate licorice let me just get that out of the way but ooooh baby i tried for the first time the pukka peppermint & licorice and i love it i love almost everything about this tea except for the c...olour of the tea bag which i'm not bought by because i empty my tea bag in my own special tea tricket ,i love the taste of this tea sooooo much i love the package and the design of the package the only reason i did not give 5stars is because i don't like the colour of the bags other then that its and amazing product. See more
Natalie Guy
· 25 January 2018
I love the 3 mint tea, but there are ONLY 2 flavours that come in plastic free sachets ginger and nighttime tea, COME PUKKA you can do better than this, roll this out plastic free sachets to all of yo...ur teas #citytosea
Just read the other comments- sold out to Unilever - that's crap.
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Nicholas Webster
· 22 December 2017
Brilliant tea, love the three ginger & cleanse teas - really has helped control my IBS symptoms and the three mint tea is brilliant at preventing me from getting any severe colds/flu this Winter! Keep... up the great work :) See more
Nicole Bollom
· 11 October 2017
Is it possible that this choice is now just a broader wave in the ripple effect of positive change and leadership, within ethical practice, which will be managed, shared, taught etc over a long term t...imeframe? Is it not a good thing that such a major company wants to improve their practices and now have the most incredible mentors of ethical practice on board, who have stated to ensure that environmental and social goals will be worked on. I understand all of the perspectives above. I had similar responses. I had to honestly reflect on my own reaction. Change takes time, there are always an incredible amount of variables, it takes motivated participants and great leaders, plus a lot of monitoring and evaluation. I can not think of any other company that could represent successful change management at its ultimate best, than Pukka Teas. See more
Hannah Reed
· 7 May 2018
So sad you’ve sold out to Unilever. I have bought and enjoyed your products for many years, but will no longer do so. You cannot pretend to be a caring, ethical company whilst owned by Unilever.
Kev Liam
· 9 October 2017
Yep, what everyone else has said. No matter how you sugar coat and spin it, you've sold out to one of the most unethical companies in the world. They exist to make money, not create change. Now for an ethical replacement brand to sell in our store :( See more
Gemma Ward
· 7 January 2018
Despite assuring us that quality wouldn't be affected by selling to Unilever you have already reduced the vanilla pods in your Chai and replaced with more 'flavouring'. I and many of my friends are ...very disappointed in a brand that we have supported for years. See more
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