Little Ruffle and the World Beyond, by Jodie Jackson


Little Ruffle and The World Beyond is an illustrated children’s book about a little bird who can’t see out of her nest, so she listens to stories about the world told by her elders. As a result, she becomes afraid to fly the nest because the world sounds like a bad and scary place.

But Little Ruffle soon learns, through a heart-warming adventure, that the world is filled with beauty, kindness, courage and brilliance – we just have to know where to look. While the elders are looking for problems, Little Ruffle goes looking for solutions.

“If we want a different story,
We must take a different view,
Climb on my little darling,
I’ve got something to show to you…”

The book is aimed at children age 3 years and older, and can help them understand the power of stories, laying the foundation for conversations about the mental health impact of the news on young minds.

Jodie Jackson is an expert on the psychological impact of the news and author of You Are What You Read.