Young Storytellers Take the Stage

Young people from across Shropshire are taking up the art of storytelling as a hobby. Students from William Brookes School in Much Wenlock and Thomas Adams School in Telford, have attended workshops, run by professionals, to learn how to effectively deliver a good story and have great fun in the process.

The project’s organisers are Dez and Ali Quarrell. Both authors themselves, they are the curators of Mythstories – a National storytelling library, in the north Shropshire town of Wem, where ‘every visitor is given a live storytelling’. Dez and Ali, who also host the regional heats for the ‘Young Storyteller of the Year’ competition, have been telling stories for most of their lives. “It would be sad if the art was to just fade away, as young people enjoy it so much,” they said.

When storytelling was offered as an after school club at Thomas Adams last year, students grabbed the opportunity. Storytelling is a fine art and a branch of many different things. It helps people’s confidence and builds on speaking and listening skills. Ultimately, it improves social skills: speaking and listening are such a key part of everyday life and this is a great opportunity for young people to have some fun, gain confidence and learn new skills.

If you are interested in storytelling
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Young Storyteller of the Year

Storytellers Hollie Byrne,
Emma Powell and Joe White
Photo: © Amanda Hirst

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