Young Speakers

We Are What We Do’ is a community action movement spreading the powerful idea: small actions x lots of people = big change. To that end, it is also the creator of the books, ‘Change the World for a Fiver’, ‘Change the World 9 to 5’ and ‘Teach Your Granny to Text’ ñ reviewed on this page. These books promote 130 simple actions to change the world. One of these actions is spread the word’, which the organisation is doing through its Young Speakers project.

Earlier this year, 200 young people came together with one common aim ñ to change the world. Over an intensive weekend, they trained up on their facts, stats and world-changing delivery, learning how to successfully captivate, uplift and inspire an audience.

Said Sarah Varey, a student at Darwen Academy, in Lancashire: ‘I can see this being the start of something amazing and life changing ñ not only for me but the world. Being a Young Speaker means everything at the moment because it is the one thing I can really focus on to make my existence worthwhile. It makes me feel counted, as though I can do anything.

‘I know, if by being a Young Speaker I affect just one person, it’ll really make a difference. We Are What We Do’ really gives me hope that I can and will achieve my ambitions of improving people’s lives and the society we live in.’

The Young Speakers have already reached thousands of students by doing presentations in their own colleges, going to local primary schools and other community groups, as well as reminding relatives and friends of the power of their small, everyday actions.

Twenty-five members of the team have developed an interactive play, which is touring around London. After the performance, the actors hold a workshop with their audience to get them to think about what actions they want to start taking. Then, they ask the children to do some acting around those choices.

Other members in the Young Speakers team are viral, virtual activists, corralling communities online through Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. Together they are changing the world.

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Purposeful entertainment from Young Speakers
at Green Lane Primary School, Worcester Park, in Surrey
Photo: © Ann-Marie Olufuwa
from MeWe Art & Education