Ursula's Gift to a Nation

based on a report by Daleena Samara

Ursula Beier’s heart reached out to the Indian Ocean nation of Sri Lanka when she first visited it in 1979. Although she fell in love with the island’s beauty and dreaminess’, she was also touched by its troubles, caused by the absence of basic human necessities, such as food, clean water, electricity and medicine.

Ursula, a social worker from Germany, was drawn to help. Adopting Sri Lanka as her second home, she founded UAPL, the Universal Association for Peace & Love, an organisation focused on community development and social welfare.

Through the generosity of the German public, as well as sponsors and donated pocket money from school children, the organisation has been transforming the country’s inert rural community centres. The money has helped local schools to hire teachers and buy books. It has also provided homes for families, the elderly and disabled. One young man has even been trained to fit hearing aids. Travelling right across Sri Lanka, he has helped improve the quality of life for more than 1,800 people with hearing difficulties.

Thanks to Ursula’s efforts, at least 12 Buddhist community centres have been revitalised, being upgraded from single floor units into larger two or three storey buildings. The new premises are home to nursery schools, computer rooms and libraries. Recently, Positive News Hong Kong attended the opening ceremony of a school in Wadduwa, on the southwest coast of the island ñ part of a new UAPL funded community centre. Bustling with activity, the modern facilities are benefitting many families
in the area.

For many years, Ursula has been working tirelessly to assist the country that she now regards as home and feels that her experiences have truly blessed her with a much deeper understanding of the world. ‘I changed my life,’ she explains, ‘and opened myself up to a wonderful active form of compassion.’

Contact: UAPL, Lakshman Mahanama,
4 / 64 4th Lane, Talakotuwa Gardens,
Colombo 5, Sri Lanka
Website: www.ursula-beier.de

Ursula Beier. Photo: © UAPL

Original report: Positive News Hong Kong

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