Uniting the Colours of the World

Umbul Umbul Festival Bali, August 27 ñ 29th

In Bali people paint Umbul Umbul flags to proclaim the presence of the gods and signify consciousness at the highest levels. In a country where everyone is an artist, these flags are used for rituals and festivals throughout the year.
© Marianne Roth Mellakh

In August, people from different parts of the world are invited to meet in Bali for a special international Umbul Umbul Festival and take part in the creation and exhibition of these wonderful flags.

Co-organiser, Thomas Bertschi, inspired by visits to Bali, founded The Rainbow Project, an international art and culture network that encourages people to create their own flags. The inhabitants of 26 Swiss villages made the ones, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the ending of local border battles and the idea of celebrating with flags has now spread to the Tuareg Nomads in the desert in Niger.

In Emmental, Thomas organised a five-week Rainbow Festival in his own village. He says: “Painting flags is an entertaining way for people to meet, exchange ideas and work towards a common goal. The wind carries their colourful wishes out into the neighbourhood taking with them inspiration and joy.”
FURTHER INFORMATION : For details of the August Festival, organised in co-operation with the Arti Foundation, Bali, contact: The Rainbow Project, Ch3433 Schwanden, Switzerland
Tel: 00 34 461 3975

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