Tribute to Eileen Caddy

Eileen Caddy died on 13th December 2006, aged 89, at Findhorn. She was one of three co-founders of the Findhorn Community, along with Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean. In 2004 Eileen received an MBE for her services to spiritual enquiry. The following is an extract of a letter from David Spangler to the community. David, who was a co-director of Findhorn in the 1970s, starts his letter by saying that he wants to emphasise his respect and honour Eileen.

‘Eileen truly walked her talk and this gave her the power to change lives and to be a force in the world… She, Peter, and Dorothy were all leaders who were not afraid to change and were open to their own ongoing development, even when at times it could be frightening or even painful…

‘Peter and Dorothy’s callings led them out of the community and away from Findhorn, though I know how much Dorothy still holds Findhorn and its destiny in her heart. But for Eileen, Findhorn was home and the place of her calling. It was where she took root so that the tree of her light could grow strong and the branches of its wisdom could spread to cover and touch thousands of people in all the countries of the world. All of us, whose paths have entwined with Findhorn’s, are the beneficiaries of her life and blessings, which we can continue to carry into the world.

‘My focus has always been on what Eileen and I used to call ordinary divinity or the divinely ordinary. The strength of Eileen ‘ and Dorothy as well ‘ lay in the fact that she never made herself out to be special but was simply and profoundly a strong, ordinary person who said yes to the God Within. That yes, which any of us can say, made all the difference. When we say Yes to our sacredness, we can shape worlds, move mountains and transform lives. Both Eileen and Dorothy prove this. Findhorn proves this.

‘Eileen’s messages are read throughout the world, uplifting hearts and inspiring minds. They truly bring light into darkness, love into hatred, courage into fear, and comfort and healing into suffering.

‘Findhorn itself is an achievement of which any person would be extraordinarily proud. While Eileen would be the first to say that Findhorn was built with many hands, had her hands not been part of those many, the community would not now exist.’

Eileen Caddy
Photo: ‘ Findhorn Foundation

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