The Tide is Turning

The latest CD from Seize the Day, is as clever, funny, relevant and moving as ever. Described as the voice of the environmental movement, the band is led by singer/songwriter team, Shannon Smy and Theo Simon.

‘We believe in the fundamental goodness of all people. We want to empower that goodness by singing the songs that inspire us to break free of the corporate reality and create the world we really want,’ says Theo. ‘Right now, that means taking personal responsibility for climate change and forcing change at a national and global level, as well as making our own lives more sustainable.

‘The Tide Is Turning takes our music to a new level, exploring these themes and treating the climate crisis as a new opportunity for human evolution. There is a globalisation of awareness which could transform the way we all live and relate to each other.’

Theo and Shannon started singing together in 1996 and formed the band the following year. The seven-strong group now has a global reputation thanks to its ability to tackle difficult issues with energy and compassion.

Theo and Shannon are not just partners in music making. ‘The album is deeply influenced by the birth of our daughter, Rosa,’ they explain. ‘If we can begin to live with our children’s best interests at heart, we can secure a beautiful future, not only for them, but for the children of all beings yet unborn.’

The band will play at Glastonbury and many other summer festivals including the Big Green Gathering. They are also available for private bookings, but they have taken a pledge not to fly.


Photo: © Sieze the Day

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