The Tap Project

Last year, over 300 New York City restaurants, along with thousands of their customers and individual contributors, helped to make the inaugural Tap Project a huge success. The money raised through UNICEF saved many lives, by providing safe drinking water to children all around the world. This year New Zealand is joining the cause with the hope to raise funds during the week of April 5th – 11th.

Water is our single most bountiful resource. Yet, it is a daily privilege millions take for granted. The little known truth is that lack of clean and accessible drinking water is the second largest worldwide killer of children under five.

To address this situation, a nationwide effort is launching during World Water Week called the Tap Project. A campaign that celebrates the clean and accessible tap water available as an every day privilege to millions, while helping UNICEF provide safe drinking water to children around the world.

Beginning Saturday, April 5th through Friday, April 11th, restaurants will invite their customers to donate a minimum of $1 for the tap water they would normally get for free. For every dollar raised, a child will have clean drinking water for 30 days.


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