The Rainbow Caravan

The Rainbow Peace Caravan hit the road in Mexico eight years ago. Since then, more than 500 members have formed part of the Caravan for varying periods of time and the Caravan has driven through 20 Latin American countries.

Adventures include meeting the Zapatista Liberation Army and mediating in the conflict between Colombian guerrillas and paramilitary forces.

New caravan members participate in decision-taking right from the first day. As a school of life, the Caravan employs a number of tools developed over the years by members of the rainbow tribe who hold meetings in a circle in much the same manner as native Indians.

During its travels, the Caravan has taught introductory courses in a range of subjects including permaculture, consensus decision-taking, leadership, children’s theatre, the Mayan calendar, modern dance, relaxation techniques, paper recycling and yoga, and has filmed TV documentaries for Latin American channels. Caravan members have worked to recover native traditions and to spread surviving practices such as the native Indian temascal or ritual sauna, which has been preserved by the North American Indians.

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