The Power of Love

“When humans truly discover the power of love, it will prove more important than the harnessing of fire.” Teilhard de Chardin Boudewijn Wegerif was a remarkable man. He first came to the notice of Positive News when we reported his magnificent two and a half year walk from Sweden to South Africa to high-light the iniquities of the debt-based money system. Born in Holland and raised in South Africa, the former financial journalist devoted the rest of his life to working for economic and monetary reform and awakening us to The Power of Love. The Teilhard de Chardin quote is from his valuable website where his own words speak for him.

“I want to see an end to all forms of usury ñ all systems, banks, factories and farms that exist primarily for money-measured gain. I want to see an army of economic liberation take shape, of disarmed lovers of life who are ready to be persecuted, lose their right to bank accounts and mortgages, go to prison, be killed even as they destructure the world and restructure it into an interlocking global hive of small-scale economies of love. “As I now envisage the economies of love of the future, social merits ñ not money ñ will be earned by those who apply themselves to the most efficient, technologically appropriate way of providing everyone in the community with their food, shelter and other material needs. Where there are surpluses they will be traded, with-out profit in mind, for other forms of surplus from other communities or the surpluses may be gifted to communities not so well endowed with resources ñ gifted not out of charity so much as from sound common sense, to maintain the peace and to encourage return gifts of immeasurable cultural worth.

“The subsistence base to the economies of love of the future should not require more than an average 20 hours a week of disciplined, measured for merit work by all able-bodied men and women from the age of 15 to 50. The discipline of duty here ñ of giving what is due for subsistence ñ will only be embraced by the new, emerging humanity, not as an end in itself, but as the needed support base for treasured free play, schooling, creativity and love making. And when it comes to the sharing of gifts, those that have earned the merits for it, as providers, will quite naturally be favoured. “As a final observation: the economies of love of the future will flounder through indulgence if the measured discipline of work and the immeasurable worth of play, schooling, creativity and love making are not appreciated as the means to more and more exquisite, transcendental experiences, leading into a final victory over material necessity, in bodies that no longer know the call of disease or death. “We are at a turning point in human consciousness. Our breakthrough in-to an astounding global love story beyond the neurosis of history is assured! How it will come about is impossible to tell. More than likely there will be a cosmic event involved, that might be called divine intervention. But I believe, along the line of the hundredth monkey principle, that this will only happen as enough people say Yes’ to Love’s Nonviolent Revolution for an end to global money madness and the beginning of a genuinely good life in discipline and freedom.”

Photo: Boudewijn Wegerif 1936 – 2004 What Matters to Me is Love’s Revolution

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