The Mug Project

Established by Joseph Porcelli and Dan Goldsbury, the Mug Project is a dedicated community of individuals, retailers and organisations who advocate the use of mugs to reduce waste from disposable cups. Joseph computed that he alone used and threw away over 500 disposable cups a year. It is estimated that 14.4 billion paper cups were discarded by Americans in 2005 and this figure does not include styrofoam cups, lids, warmer sleeves or beverage trays. Disgusted by this, Joseph launched the Mug Project website with his friend Dan and a hilarious YouTube video called Don’t cheat on your mug.

Joseph and Dan have since developed partnerships with national coffee and other drink retailers to promote The Mug Project on their websites and at points of purchase. They are requesting shops to display signs notifying their customers: we support The Mug Project and will give you a discount when you bring your own mug.

They also plan to invite universities, corporations and government offices to eliminate the use of disposable cups by employees, students and the food service providers, develop an online marketing campaign on MySpace, Facebook with disposable cup profiles, other members’ ideas on extending the project, blogs, interviews and post regular ridiculously funny promotional videos.

Joseph and Dan’s efforts have proven successful so far. The Mug Project has members from all over America, as well as from London, Ontario and Chennai Tamilnadu in India. In fact, organisations everywhere are getting involved.
The Mug Project’s website is already busy with activity. Visitors are discussing topics such as their favourite mugs, where they can purchase cool cups and what to do during a drought when they are asked to conserve water by using disposable cups rather than washing mugs. They are also joining fan clubs of their favourite coffee shops and adding them to The Mug Project Partners map.

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Joseph and Dan with the mugs
they have promised not to cheat on
Photo: © The Mug Project

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