The Moneyless Man

A Year of Freeconomic Living

Imagine living a year without spending any money. Former economics graduate and business director Mark Boyle did just that and in The Moneyless Man, he tells his extraordinary tale. Encountering cuttlefish toothpaste, mushroom paper, solar panels, rocket stoves, compost toilets and a cash-free Christmas, the author puts the fun in frugality and offers great tips for economical and environmentally friendly living.

A testament to Mark’s astounding determination, this heart-warming account will make you look again at what you value in life. It is an intriguing look at the reality of living without money; something which Mark continues to do to this day.

The Moneyless Man: a Year of Freeconomic Living’
by Mark Boyle
ISBN: 9781851687541
Published by Oneworld Publications

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