The Age of Stupid

The Age of Stupid has been described as the very first successful dramatisation of climate change to hit the big screen. This powerful eco-documentary, directed by Franny Armstrong and starring Pete Postlethwaite, tells the story of an elderly man living in a world, 46 years from now – a world devastated by climate change.

The film, which focuses on six human stories, aims to empower us to mobilise effective action now, while there is still time. Putting together pieces of archive footage from 2008, Pete’s character – a lone man who lives in a massive tower – asks: “Why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?”

On 15th March, the cutting-edge film will premiere in a solar-powered cinema tent in Leicester Square and it will be simultaneously shown in 80 UK-wide venues, including the Eden Project, all linked by satellite. There will also be a youth premiere at the Vue Cinema, in Fulham, organised by WeCAN, with teen-age speakers and action packs to take away. Public tickets are available from participating cinemas.

All profits from the performance will go to the Not Stupid campaign, which is aiming to turn 250 million viewers into activists, ready for the United Nations Climate Summit, in Copenhagen, next December – coined “the most important meeting in human history”, this is where the successor to the Kyoto Treaty must be finalised.

Contact: Spanner Films, London, WC1N

Pete Postlethwaite’s character interacts with the futuristic interface
Photo: courtesy of Spanner Films

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