Supporting Peace with One Voice

OneVoice is an international movement of people fed up with the ongoingconflict. “We are ready and eager to support a serious process leadingto a comprehensive agreement fulfilling the hopes and beliefs of boththe Palestinian and the Israeli peoples for a two state solution to endthe conflict, and establish a viable and independent Palestinian statethat lives at peace with Israel.”

“While the needs and concerns of the Israeli and Palestinian peoplesare different” point out OneVoice “Israelis wish to end terror andthe existential threat to Israel; Palestinians wish to end theoccupation and achieve an independent Palestinian state – the vastmajority on each side agrees that these goals are achievable only byreaching a two-state solution. What remains is to demonstrate to theelected leadership on each side that Israelis & Palestinians want anegotiated two state agreemeent, and overwhelmingly support immediatenegotiations toward that goal. Mobilizing civil society to this effectis OneVoice’s aim.”

Their mission is to amplify the voice of Israeli and Palestinianmoderates, empowering them to seize back the agenda for conflictresolution and demand that their leaders achieve a two-state solutionguaranteeing both the end of occupation and the establishment of aviable Independent Palestinian state as well as the safety and securityof the state of Israel – allowing both people to live in peace with alltheir neighbors.

On their website you can add your voice to theirs. You can sign up toregister your support for an enduring and peaceful solution to be foundand forged. They hope, with this local and international support, tourge leaders to create a lasting peace that is the hope of so manypeople from both sides of the conflict.

Growing support could help 2010 be a year of peaceful progress. Visittheir website to find out more and add your voice to theirs: