Stories We Need To Know

Reading Your Life Path in Literature

What can the adventures of Harry, Hermione, Ron and Dumbledore teach us about ourselves? What do JK Rowling’s Harry and Homer’s Odysseus have in common? Do their stories contain essential knowledge for a rich and happy life? In Stories We Need to Know, Allan Hunter explores literature’s classic texts to reveal how they contain true insights and guidance for our own life’s journey.

Using his expertise as both a professor of literature and a therapist of over 30 years, the author gives evidence of six archetypes that repeatedly appear in specific order in great literature. He clearly explains each archetype so that the reader can identify which of them ñ Innocent, Orphan, Pilgrim, Warrior-Lover, Monarch Pair or Magician ñ they might embody. Using examples from classics like Dickens, Shakespeare, James, Conrad and more recently, JK Rowling’s work, he demonstrates the challenges the protagonists encounter and reveals how we face similar difficult decisions and choices. ‘They can help us see how we live and how we might grow,’ Allan says.

Robert Atwan, Series Editor of The Best American Essays says: ‘Allan uncovers the vital interplay of literature and psychology as he takes a bold new look at the way archetypes can profoundly trans-form both individual lives and our spiritually starved society.’

Stories We need to Know
Reading Your Life Path in Literature
by Allan G. Hunter
ISBN 978 1 84409 123 2
Price £11.99 Published by
Findhorn Press, 305A The Park, Findhorn,
Forres, Scotland, IV36 3TE

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